About Portlandia Fortune Tellers…

Jadzia and Jay DeForest, a husband/wife team of Tarot readers, started Portlandia Fortune Tellers in 2012, offering their services for private birthdays, anniversaries and other types of parties. They soon were discovered by corporate event planners and began getting several bookings each month as word spread about how much guests were enjoying their visit with the “fortune tellers”. Within the next couple of years, the DeForests reached out to their community of other readers that they knew through producing the annual Northwest Tarot Symposium, in order to form a team of professional, fun-loving people who enjoy helping to make parties and events fun and memorable for our clients.

For public or private events such as birthdays, holiday or corporate parties, we can work with whatever theme you have in mind such as Classic Fortune Teller, Pirate, Steampunk, Professional, Holiday, Era Specific (1920s, 1930s, 1940s), or Carnival motifs. Having years of experience offering professional readings in our own metaphysical shop, as well as at various sorts of fairs & festivals in our booth “The Guiding Tree”, we can provide costumes and decor to make the “Fortune Teller’s” corner a beautiful and mood enhancing addition to your affair. Some of the settings where you may have encountered us include: Shrewsbury Renaissance Fair, Vampire’s Masquerade Ball, Sherwood Fantasy Fair, McMenamin’s Fair in the Grove, Brew and BBQ Festivals, Portland Women’s Expo, and OryCon.

Jadzia DeForest ~ Tarot Reading and Palmistry

Jadzia DeForest has been reading tarot professionally for over ten years in the Portland area. She’s the producer and editor of The Cartomancer: A Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle Journal, co-director of the Northwest Tarot Symposium, co-owner at Portlandia Fortune Tellers, and co-author of the Living Magick Learning Cards Series. In addition to reading tarot, Jadzia is a palmist and astrologer. She teaches classes on tarot, astrology, and palmistry. Jadzia lives in the forest just outside of Portland with her husband and six spoiled cats.

Jadzia’s approach to the tarot is positive and practical. During a reading she focuses on the opportunities and potentials that are ahead for you. She points out your strengths and advantages that will help you to overcome your fears and uncertainties. Even when you are going through a rough part of life we explore what this cycle is about, why you are experiencing it, and what this life lesson is that can be turned into a powerful tool for personal growth.

Palmistry works differently than Tarot.  It shows more of your overall personality, talents, and strengths.  Palm reading can also point out potential stresses, past difficult situations, and where blockages are appearing in your life.  Jadzia uses palmistry as a tool for self-exploration and analysis.  Our hands truly reflect who we are in the present.

You can find more information about Jadzia or book a private reading with her through her website: Tarot By Jadzia.

Jay DeForest ~ Futhark Runes and Tarot Readings

Using the Futhark Runes and Tarot Cards, Jay offers readings to help gain information and clarity to many aspects of life including family, relationships, career and personal quests. Many people are surprised to find how much insight they can achieve with these forms of divination.

Nearly all systems of divination operate on the principle of using familiar concepts to trigger associations with information that is present, but for the moment, is unclear or hidden from us. Rune and Tarot readings draw the information out into the open by presenting us with symbols that relate to the situation at hand. Each card or rune stone has specific correspondences which helps to focus our intuition and awareness on specific aspects of the situation. Through careful consideration, and with a clear intent to arrive at the truth, we discover the answers that had previously been hidden or unclear.

Jay offers private readings in SE Portland. He is also a spiritual counselor and ordained clergy member. Visit his website for more information: JayDeForest.com

Jaymi “Innowen” Elford ~ Tarot Reading

Jaymi has been playing with Tarot for 25 years. She offers creative, fun, open-minded dialogs with the cards to help clarify the chaos and confusion in your life. Readings should give reassurance and personalized maps for achieving goals, dreams and desires. Tarot is the one thing she’d carry with her to a desert island. Divination curious, she’s also exploring the Lenormand and how to integrate other systems into Tarot readings.

Living a Tarot inspired life, Jaymi can be found around Portland writing on her computer, reading Tarot for clients, and hanging with her husband and their three cats. She is ordained by the Universal Life Church and holds a Level 2 Transformative Tarot Counseling certificate from Katrina Wynne. In addition to experimenting with Tarot, Jaymi teaches classes and writes essays and books on Tarot and other metaphysical subjects. To learn more about her, and book a private reading, visit: Tarot Inspired Life.

Anna Alexander ~ Tarot Reading and Runes

Anna Alexander has been reading tarot cards and runes for over 15 years in variety of environments from small, personal readings to busy wine bars and events. As a reader, Anna provides constructive information and tools for her clients to make positive decisions and develop their own spiritual practices. Using a variety of resources including tarot, runes and drawing on her spirit guides, Anna provides information and direction to her clients on spiritual questions, love, career and more.

Anna is currently writing a book to help her clients learn how to communicate and develop positive relationships with their guides. For a private reading or for more information about Anna, visit WomenofIntuitiveWisdom.com.

Maree Bento ~ Tarot and Lenormand Readings

Artist Maree Bento is the creator of two divination decks and a practitioner of the healing and mystical arts with 18 years of experience. Maree’s background is in numerology, astrology, feng shui, massage & bodywork—including Reiki, chakra yoga, Thai massage & Quantum Shiatsu. Her training in the healing arts inspires her approach to tarot, divination & card reading, which she first began at age 13 with a pack of playing cards. Her original Antiquarian Lenormand & Antiquarian Tarot decks have been called “magical,” “haunting,” “evocative” & “powerful.”

To learn more about her work or to schedule a private session with her, visit divineMuses .

Jennifer Diallo ~ Tarot and Oracle Readings

For many years, Jennifer has been doing wide range of spiritual and energetic healing work. Using Soul Realignment, Chakra Tuning and Tarot readings, she helps people to rebalance and get themselves reconnected to their highest path. Working with Portlandia Fortune Tellers, she brings all of that experience as well has a sense of humor and fun to her readings for parties and events.

To learn more about her work or to schedule a private session with her, visit True Nature Revealed .