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About Portlandia Fortune Tellers…

Jadzia and Jay DeForest, a husband/wife team of tarot readers, started Portlandia Fortune Tellers in 2012, offering their services for private birthdays, anniversaries and other types of parties. They were soon discovered by corporate event planners and began getting several bookings each month as word spread about how much guests were enjoying their visit with the “fortune tellers”. Since then, the DeForests have reached out to other highly experienced readers to form a team of professional, fun-loving people who enjoy helping to make parties and events interesting and memorable for our clients.

For public or private events such as birthdays, holiday or corporate parties, we can work with whatever theme you have in mind such as Classic Fortune Teller, Pirate, Steampunk, Professional, Holiday, Era Specific (1920s, 1930s, 1940s), or Carnival motifs. We can provide costumes and decor to make the “Fortune Teller’s” corner a beautiful and mood enhancing addition to your affair. Some of the settings where you may have encountered us include: Oregon Renaissance Fair, Vampire’s Masquerade Ball, Oddities & Curiosities Expo, Swashbucklers Ball, and various street fairs and festivals.

Jadzia DeForest ~ Tarot Readings

Jadzia DeForest is the co-owner/founder of Portlandia Fortune Tellers. She and Jay are also the co-creators of the Living Magick Learning Cards Series for studying tarot, astrology, palmistry and other topics.

After nearly 19 years of doing tarot readings professionally, she has mostly withdrawn from doing events so that she can focus full time on her work as a romance writer. She’s published over 14 books and novellas since 2020. To see more about her work, please visit her Cassia Briar website.

Jay DeForest ~ Tarot, NORSE Rune Readings

Using the Futhark Runes or Tarot Cards, Jay offers readings to help gain information and clarity to many aspects of life including family, relationships, career and personal quests. Many people are surprised to find how much insight they can achieve with these forms of divination.

Nearly all systems of divination operate on the principle of using familiar concepts to trigger associations with information that is present, but for the moment, is unclear or hidden from us. Rune and Tarot readings draw the information out into the open by presenting us with symbols that relate to the situation at hand. Each card or rune stone has specific correspondences which help to focus our intuition and awareness on relevant aspects of the situation. With a clear intent to arrive at the truth, we can discover answers that had previously been waiting beneath the surface. With over 30 years of experience, this is what Jay provides in his readings.

Anna Alexander ~ Tarot, Rune, Palm Readings

Anna Alexander has been doing readings for over 20 years in variety of environments from small, personal readings to busy wine bars and events. As a reader, Anna provides constructive information and tools for her clients to make positive decisions and develop their own spiritual practices. Using a variety of resources, Anna provides information and direction to her clients on spiritual questions, love, career and more.

Anna is currently writing a book to help her clients learn how to communicate and develop positive relationships with their guides. For a private reading or for more information about Anna, visit


A’yoka Vlisi ~ Card & Intuitive Readings

Having a First Nations background, A’yoka comes from a long line of intuitives and healers. Medicine, or healing abilities, are present on both sides of her family and is part of her family’s legacy. She was raised in the Iroquoian culture to embrace these precious gifts and to use them to help people in need. A’yoka describes herself as a spiritual consultant that brings forth an enhanced eclectic experience to her clients. She is a licensed psychotherapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist. Currently, she is working on her doctorate in Geriatric Neuro-psychology. Her cultural heritage and clinical expertise are intertwined to give you a more insightful intuitive reading. A private reading with A’yoka may include: mediumship, photo or personal item readings; past life regression; medical readings; touch healing; spiritual mentoring.

For more information, or to schedule a private session with A’yoka, visit

Jenna Roberts ~ Tarot Readings

Jenna’s readings offer insights into the present path and how to best navigate life from the highest self. Her style comes with warm humor, considerate sensitivity, and a direction toward positive potentials. Clients regularly share that they feel empowered and affirmed in their choices after a session.

Jenna has been reading cards since she was 15 years old, and began her professional career in Jackson Square, New Orleans. An educator by trade, she provides regular courses in how to read tarot with supportive lessons for beginners through intermediate readers. She also is a part of a professional costume troupe, and can fulfill requests for unique event themes. To learn more about Jenna or request an individual reading, visit:

Autumn Gonzalez ~ Tarot Readings

Autumn Gonzales took her first foray into tarot at age 15, when a friend gifted her a classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. 30 years later, she’s still turning cards, both up close and in person in the Portland metro area, and online for folks on distant shores.

Autumn uses tarot is as a tool for personal introspection, illumination, and growth. Tarot helps to clear the clutter in our heads and hearts, as well as show us the truth of a situation. Through the cards, Autumn hopes to act as the hermit’s lamp, shining a light to guide you through whatever phase of the Hero’s Cycle you’re on.

Sacha Delgado

Sacha Delgado ~ Palm & Card Readings

Sacha has been reading palms and cards for over 30 years. Originally from Puerto Rico she relocated to the Portland area in 2018 and has been spreading her palmistry knowledge at events, shops and gatherings since. People are often surprised to find that their hands and lines say so much about them and in such a precise manner. Sacha is also very active in the local witchy community, identifying herself as a Bruja. She has a podcast with another PNW Bruja called the Brujas Broadcast. Sacha is also an astrologist and offers natal chart readings, solar charts and weekly transit reports. She offers classes and individual consults on palmistry, Brujeria, tarot and astrology via her website,

Lynda ~ Tarot Readings

Lynda enthusiastically shares her vast understanding and love of Tarot, Lenormand, Tea Leaf Reading, and other forms of divination. She combines traditional meanings with intuitive insights to help get to the essence of what needs to be revealed.

To contact Lynda about a private reading, please visit Readings by Lynda.