Event Booking Information & Form

We are available for entertaining at your event or parties, with tarot card readings, Norse rune readings, or palm readings. We can work with whatever theme you have in mind such as Classic Fortune Teller, Pirate, Steampunk or Carnival motifs. In addition to costuming to fit your event, we will also bring table decor such as colorful fabric, crystal balls, candles, and other props to set the stage for your guest’s visit to the Fortune Teller.

We are happy to entertain at your…

  • Birthday Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Graduation
  • Customer Appreciation Party
  • Holiday Celebration
  • Halloween Party
  • Company Gathering
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Party
  • Anniversary Celebration
  • New Year’s Eve Event
  • Private Function
  • Fundraiser
  • Girl’s Night In (or Out)
  • Festival or Show

One Reader at events with 20 guests or fewer:
Standard: $120 / HR (1 Hour minimum)
Holidays*: $140 / HR (2 hour minimum.)

Two Readers at events with 20 guests or fewer:
Standard: $220 / HR (1 Hour minimum)
Holidays*: $260 / HR (2 hour minimum.)

Rates for events with over 20 guests, Full or Multiple day events, or events requiring more than 2 readers are by quote.

Travel, Setup, or Late Hours fees may apply, depending on event specifics.

* Holiday Rates
Holiday rates apply for actual holiday dates throughout the year. Also, for the Saturdays preceding: 4th of July, Halloween, Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Years Eve.

Private Reading Rates:
Private reading appointments are available with several of our readers on an individual basis. To see their specialties and to schedule an appointment, please visit our About Page.

Event Booking Form - Thank you for your interest in having us entertain guests at your event. This form will assist us in providing you an accurate price quote. After we receive it, we will check with you about any details that may need clarification and then provide you with a quote. When everything is agreed upon, we will send you a contract for services. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or call (503) 327-5084.

* Indicates required field

Time - The total length of your event may be longer than the actual time you want to have us available for your guests, for example, your event may go from 6PM to Midnight, but you only want our services from 9PM to Midnight. Please list the times below that you want us to offer readings. Note: You are not locked into the End Time. We are often asked to stay longer if guests are still wanting to get readings. We are glad to be flexible and can adjust for overtime charges in 1/2 hour increments.


Note - A surcharge may apply for events between 12AM (Midnight) - 8AM.

Location - Please let us know where you plan to have you event, whether it's a hall, hotel, ballroom, park, private residence, business, etc. Please include the city and if it's an outdoor event, what sort of accommodation for shelter you plan to have. Note: For events outside the Portland Metro area, a travel fee may apply.

Guests - Typically, one reader (Fortune Teller) can see 10-12 guests per hour. We have nearly always found that having their turn to "see the fortune teller" is one of the most popular activities at parties and events. We do have multiple readers available for large events, and we offer price breaks for multiple readers, if you decide to have more than one.

Theme - Does your event have a particular theme or motif? If so, we will choose costuming and table decorations that add to the look and feel you want to create. Please tell us about what you have in mind.

Costuming - Part of how we can add to the fun of your event is through costuming that suits your event. Please use this to let us know what you would like the reader(s) to wear.

Setup - For each Fortune Teller at your event, we will require a table of at least 30"x30" at sitting height, and usually 3 chairs. (We find that many people want to get readings with a friend or partner.) The reader(s) will bring table cloths and decorations, unless you have specific ones of your own that you prefer to use. (Please let us know below.)

If you need us to bring tables, chairs, or other staging items (umbrella, awning, draping, etc.) please tell us more about that below and we will provide a price quote.

If you, or an event company will be providing them, please give us the contact information for your setup person below so that we can make sure all will be in order for your event.

Lighting - If your event is taking place in a darkened environment, we will need to have access to electricity for small table lamps to work by. Please let us know what your setting will be like.

Additional Details - Special Requests - Questions Please use this area for any further points that you want to make sure we cover.

Thank you for providing this information. We will get back to you as soon as possible with pricing information for your event!